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805 Conversations Interviews Tim Goldstein, Engaging the Tech Worker

podcasts Jul 11, 2017

Had a great time recording this podcast. The host is Mark Sylvester. He was cofounder of the company that did Disney's 1st animation. They went on to create the software that revolutionized animated films. He is very involved and connected with the people driving the development and economic growth of the 805 area code of California.

The discussion revolves around my view and perspective as a person with Asperger's working in the high tech world. I think you will find lots of Ah Ha moments where my unique perspective helps you make sense of past interactions.


You can also find the podcast on iTunes. Seach for 805Conversations.

Thank so much to Mark, Patrick, and the shows sponsors.

Can't believe the popularity!!

Click to download the podcast transcript.

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