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Tim is a Guest on Dart Lindsley's Podcast Work For Humans

podcasts Oct 18, 2022

Dart Lindsley ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/dart-lindsley ) has spent decades working in HR for major companies in the tech industry. But, Dart is far from the norm you expect in that line of work. He has unique and innovative ways of looking at work. The first time I met him he asked me "What did you hire your job to do for you?". It is a questions he asks frequently and it really makes you think about work in a very different light.

Dart is always a joy to talk with and recording a conversation for his podcast was no different. He again asked me "What did you hire your job to do for you?" and the question again made me think about my current role in a different way. As always our conversation wandered through many topics as we circled around neuroversity and how the neurodistict do and should fit in. Once again we ran out of time before either of us ran out of interest and things to discuss.

It was truly an honor to be a guest on Work For Humans. It was fun discussing...

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Guest on Reid Miles' Podcast Inside The Aspergers Studio

podcasts Oct 16, 2022

 I had a great time talking with autistic podcaster Reid Miles as we recorded the show. This is how Reid describes the podcast: "Chats with people who deal with ASD and ADHD. I talk to those in the profession like therapist or even chats with mothers who have kids on the spectrum. Just honest chats with questions thrown in. Where two people can sit and share thoughts on the spectrum Come join us we I talk with people from all over the ASD and ADHD field."

The session was a relaxed conversation of my experiences and ideas on autism and neurodiversity. We also dug into why I use Neurodistinct to replace Neurodivergent. I have posted about this on my blog, but there is even more in our discussion.

You can find the episode at: https://insidetheaspergersstudio.podbean.com/e/nero-divergent-or-nero-distinct/

If you prefer a video version peeking in at us as we concentrate on doing audio, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkjEWNZKJbk

Reid also has a blog at: ...

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Discussing Autism & Neurodiversity on the Beyond Tech Skills podcast

podcasts Aug 30, 2022

 I had another wonderful opportunity to be a podcast guest. The topic area of this podcast is quite different and I really love it. While both the hosts, Liron and Jim, are long term hard core Oracle database gurus the podcast is about all things in the tech world except the actual tech. They bring a view of being in tech that is not frequently discussed.

There was one question that was asked which gave me a very different spin on the all too common challenge of communicating in a socially appropriate manner. Liron is from Israel and moved from there to western Canada 4 years ago. He tells me that in Israel speaking directly and clearly stating the point is the norm in their culture. He found that in North America it is more common and the acceptable approach to not state many things directly but to phrase things so the direct meaning is between the lines. He also had told me a story of an American colleague who presented at a Dutch conference. He was given a...

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805 Conversations Interviews Tim Goldstein, Engaging the Tech Worker

podcasts Jul 11, 2017

Had a great time recording this podcast. The host is Mark Sylvester. He was cofounder of the company that did Disney's 1st animation. They went on to create the software that revolutionized animated films. He is very involved and connected with the people driving the development and economic growth of the 805 area code of California.

The discussion revolves around my view and perspective as a person with Asperger's working in the high tech world. I think you will find lots of Ah Ha moments where my unique perspective helps you make sense of past interactions.


You can also find the podcast on iTunes. Seach for 805Conversations.

Thank so much to Mark, Patrick, and the shows sponsors.

Can't believe the popularity!!

Click to download the podcast transcript.

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