Tim is a Guest on Dart Lindsley's Podcast Work For Humans

podcasts Oct 18, 2022

Dart Lindsley ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/dart-lindsley ) has spent decades working in HR for major companies in the tech industry. But, Dart is far from the norm you expect in that line of work. He has unique and innovative ways of looking at work. The first time I met him he asked me "What did you hire your job to do for you?". It is a questions he asks frequently and it really makes you think about work in a very different light.

Dart is always a joy to talk with and recording a conversation for his podcast was no different. He again asked me "What did you hire your job to do for you?" and the question again made me think about my current role in a different way. As always our conversation wandered through many topics as we circled around neuroversity and how the neurodistict do and should fit in. Once again we ran out of time before either of us ran out of interest and things to discuss.

It was truly an honor to be a guest on Work For Humans. It was fun discussing being neurodistinct with Dart. While he isn't autistic as I am he was recently diagnosed as being in another neurodistinct group. I wouldn't at all be surprised if his neurodistinction is what has made him the successful leader he is.

Join the conversation and check out the episode as we discuss being neurodistsinct in the workplace and many other topics: Episode on Google Podcasts or Episode on Spotify

Give the episode a listen and I am sure you will enjoy listening to Dart as much as I do.