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Great mention about Tim Goldstein on LinkedIn

Got a super nice mention from Aubrey and Sarah at Atlassian in this article they posted on LinkedIn


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Autism Speaks promo lead to being interviewed for Everyday Health

 I never fail to be amazed how the universe seems to make things happen when you are willing to step out boldly and not stop.

Autism Speaks did a world mosaic to which you could add your picture and a few lines about yourself and autism. I put my story and a video in the mosaic. Months later I was contacted by Autism Speaks asking if I would be interested in being interviewed by a journalist for Everyday Health as an adult with autism.

Had a fun time being interviewed and waiting impatiently for the article to come out.

Click on the photo above or THIS LINK to see my tile and video.

I will update this with the article once it is published.

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Vine Entertainment interview of Tim Goldstein, Neurodiverse Communication Specialist

I had the enjoyable experience of working with writer Meagan Meehan on this interview. She asked questions which made me dig deep and consider angles I had not previously noticed.


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Tim interviewed on LIRadio (Long Island Radio) for the DDI on Autism show

Tim talks with Dr Romas about a number of items and issues dealing with the neurodiverse, having Asperger's, and Autism at Work. Tim's focus is supporting the diagnosed, undiagnosed, and unaware technology worker by helping companies become more "A"SD Lister friendly.

Through simple changes in processes, job duties, and management techniques companies can improve the performance, retention, and recruitment of the highly desired neurodiverse techie.

DDI on Autism, host Dr Michael Romas

Episode 1 Part 1              Episode 1 Part 2

Episode 2 Part 1              Episode 2 Part 2

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Teaching at Cornell University ILR College in their 1st Neurodiversity course

neurodiversity Oct 29, 2017

I was given the opportunity to teach one class for Cornell Univerity's IRL College new Neurodiversity course. This was an extra special opportunity for me. Beyond the obvious reasons, I grew up in central NY not all that far from 

This was an extra special opportunity for me. Beyond the obvious reasons, I grew up in central NY not all that far from Cornell. Teaching at an institution which has been a big name since I was old enough to hear about colleges was extra satisfying. On top of that, some of the chapters from my "Geeks Guide to Interviews: 15 Critical Items for the Technical Type" and some units from my online course "Communicating with the Technical for the Non-Technical" were used as part of the course material.

Professor Bruyère recruited a list of international leaders in the Autism at Work effort. Guest speakers are James Mahoney Chief Quality Officer& Executive Director and Head of Autism at Work JPMorgan Chase & Co, David Kasiarz Senior Vice...

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