Guest on Reid Miles' Podcast Inside The Aspergers Studio

podcasts Oct 16, 2022

 I had a great time talking with autistic podcaster Reid Miles as we recorded the show. This is how Reid describes the podcast: "Chats with people who deal with ASD and ADHD. I talk to those in the profession like therapist or even chats with mothers who have kids on the spectrum. Just honest chats with questions thrown in. Where two people can sit and share thoughts on the spectrum Come join us we I talk with people from all over the ASD and ADHD field."

The session was a relaxed conversation of my experiences and ideas on autism and neurodiversity. We also dug into why I use Neurodistinct to replace Neurodivergent. I have posted about this on my blog, but there is even more in our discussion.

You can find the episode at:

If you prefer a video version peeking in at us as we concentrate on doing audio, check it out here:

Reid also has a blog at:

Check out Reid's other episodes. He has a great relaxed and engaging style which makes for a great listen full of interesting insights.

Thanks Reid for having me as a guest. Love what you are doing.