Companies Tim Goldstein spoke to during Autism Awareness Month 2021

awareness Apr 29, 2021

What a busy month April has been with more events and presentations than I have ever done in a single month. I am excited by the interest in neurodiversity and autism as well as the great reception and adoption my term Neurodistinct is receiving. When explaining neurodiversity through my Neuro Cloud™ graphic concept combine with the term Neurodistinct people seem to become comfortable with the idea and language much more quickly than using non-graphic explanations and academic words no one but experts and some rigid thinking aspies understand.

Below are some of the companies or groups I spoke with during autism awareness month 2021. Formats varied but most had a Q&A section, which is something I always enjoy. Many interesting questions from so many perspective. It was an intellectual feast. No matter the format I made an extra effort to dispel the myth that neurodiversity is autism and instead taught neurodiversity is everyone and there are many named and unnamed groups among the neurodistinct. 

A frequent question topic was dealing with issues which could be related to autism with someone who has not disclosed or is unaware they may be autistic. My suggestions is focus on the behavior. What does it matter if a person is neurodistinct or not when the issue is behavior or work outcomes?  Learning styles may differ, but the focus is the change needed in a behavior, not if they are neurodistinct.

Autism Awareness 2021 presentations
Childrens Hospital Colorado
Different Brains
   Charter Communication

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