Children's Hospital Denver, Success Factors to Help Everyone In the Neurocloud Succeed

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2023

This was a fun presentation for a few reasons. About a year ago Liz Green from Link OT and I worked with Children's Hospital DEI head Robert to plan and launch a neurodiversity ERG. But at Children's because of the large number of people working at the hospital but not employed by the hospital Robert made it a TMRG, Team Member Resource Group, so everyone working at their facilities could participate and benefit. So it was great to present to the now up and running group and learn their application to be chartered was recently accepted.

The topic I chose to present is an idea that organizations should be looking at ways to make it easier for all workers to get the support and tools they need to be their most productive selves. This should not be limited to those who have a diagnosed disability and always handled through the legal approach of the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act. Instead I propose the organization create a list of reapproved items that any worker can request to allow them to be the most productive they can be. After all, isn't that what an organization wants?