Tim Goldstein & Dr Lutza Ireland on Neurodiversity Gold Podcast by Jude Morrow

Uncategorized Dec 28, 2022

 6 am on Thanksgiving morning here in Denver I joined Jude Morrow in Northern Ireland who is host of the podcast Neurodiversity Gold and award winning designer and innovative thinker on neurodiversity Dr Lutza Ireland who joined from Australia. The 6 am time was to make it work with the 3 of us spread around the globe. It was 11 pm for Dr Lutza and Jude got off easy with it being the beginning of the afternoon.

We had a great chat on multiple topics as is always to be expected when speaking with Dr Lutza or Jude. But we really dug in to why the term Neurodivergent needs to be replaced with neurodistinct. We have change terminology in virtually all areas of our life over the last couple of decades, but a term that has no solid foundation and from many aspects we discuss carries negative baggage has remains the banner in the autistic world. Seems strange that we are seeking acceptance with a term who's root is division.

Check out the episode and 2 of my wonderful autistic friends and see if Dr Lutza and I can persuade you to up our terminology game. Click the URL below of find the podcast Neurodiversity Gold on you favorite podcast provider.