Facebook Live interview of Tim Goldstein by Julie Hornok, Aug 2018

Uncategorized Aug 10, 2018

Amazing the people you meet on LinkedIn and the ability it give you to connect to others with the same interests.

While Julie is primarily focused on the childhood phase of spectrum life and mine on the adult, job seeking phase, She convinced me there would be a lot of value in explaining some of my work in how this particular aspie thinks and how that would help parents better understand what drives some of the behaviors. Once you understand why we see things a certain way, it is much easier to change the course of interactions.

Julie's Facebook page, United in Autism

Here is the direct link to the recording of the interview on Facebook:

Julie Hornok interviewing Tim Goldstein

For you non-Facebook users here is a copy you can watch right here. But comments and likes on both Facebook and Youtube area a big help: 

You can download a transcript of this interview from the link below: