Tim Goldstein in a DisabilityIn video talking about being autistic

Uncategorized Apr 09, 2023

Disability:IN is the leading nonprofit resource for business disability inclusion worldwide. Our network of over 400 corporations expands opportunities for people with disabilities across enterprises. Our central office and 25 Affiliates serve as the collective voice to effect change for people with disabilities in business.

I have worked with DisabilityIn in a number of ways. From giving neurodiversity presentations as a number of there members large and small to serving on the committee that researches and approves DOBE (disability-owned business enterprises) applications.

When they sent out a communication asking for individuals willing to do video for part of their series "People in Disability" I volunteered right away. We had a short timeframe to get the video shot and for Justis to turn my raw footage into a quality presentable piece. He did a great job and I am proud to share my story.