Guest on Christiane Wirtz podcast Aus Krisen zum Glück (Fortunately out of crises)

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

I had the pleasure of meeting Christiane when we connected on LinkedIn. She had listened to me on a presentation I did for General Assembly and though my concepts, ideas, and methods would be helpful for her audience.

Christiane brings a brilliant mind and challenging questions to her podcast. While her audience is primarily German speaking fortunately for me she does do some of the episodes in English. Don't be put off when you initial hear German if it is a language you don't know. Once she finishes the introduction in German Christiane explains what she said in English. With her excellent English we conducted the interview in the one language I know and had a great time chatting and being challenged by Christiane.

Enjoy listening to this interesting episode in the embedded player below.

You can learn more about Christiane and the work she does on her business and personal websites: