Tim Goldstein on Doug Blecher podcast Autism Stories

Uncategorized May 08, 2019

 I met Doug on LinkedIn and we immediately hit it off as we began communicating. Doug is doing amazing work with his Autism Personal Coach organization which helps adults with autism and those who are functionally autistic. Doug's organization provides employment coaching, social skill training, self awareness techniques and development, and coaching to achieve independent living. The only negative to the services of Autism Personal Coach is they are limited currently to a few cities in the USA due to their wonderful "meet where you live" approach.

In this episode we discuss the technical  interview process for those with Autism with Tim Goldstein. Tim is the author of  Geeks Guide to Interviews: 15 Critical Items for the Technical Type.  Autism Stories connects you with amazing people who are helping teens and adults with Autism become more independent and successful.

Go to the Autism Stories podcast for more great interviews and information from the world of Autism. 


For anyone interested in Tim's book "Geeks Guide to Interviews: 15 Critical Items for the Technical Type" Click Here to purchase it on Amazon.

Doug is an amazing person doing wonderful work to help the neurodiverse adult gain employment and greater control of their lives. Check out Doug's podcast and Autism Personal Coach site and let Doug know how much you appreciate the work he is doing.

Thanks Doug for all your great efforts!