Stage time at Roger Love's Voice of Success


Karen and I had the pleasure of being invited to join Roger Love on stage at his Voice of Success 3 day seminar. Roger is our vocal coach, persona creator, communication guru, and friend. He has literally saved our marriage and changed our lives. Amazing when we thought we had gotten involved with someone who would just help us to be better speakers.

To learn more about Roger and the amazing talent he has helped go to

Voice of Success was held at the Zipper theater of the Colburn School of Music in Los Angeles. My best guestimate is over 300 people were there. This is our third Voice of Success event we have attended and everyone has been better than the last and I have always learned something new each time.

Karen and I were invited to talk some about how Roger's training has helped in our relationship. That is easy for us to do as he saved it after the marriage counselor told us we need to get a divorce. We each got to speak extemporaneously for a few minutes. Was super fun talking to that large a gathering and how changing your voice can change your relationships. I also mentioned how Roger's unique techniques have allowed me to work around my "A"SD Lister issue of only communicating words when I speak, not emotions. I'm calling this skill Emotional Speaking™

Thanks again to Roger, Monika, Scott, and the rest of the team for a wonderful event and even more wonderful experience on the stage.