Tim Goldstein on Diversity & Neurodiversity at INCLYOUSION 2023 By Kidskintha & Vanderbilt's Frist Center of Autism

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2023

INCLYOUSION 2023 is another example that neurodiversity is gaining understanding and acceptance world wide. This event was created by Devishobha (Devi) Chandramouli from India and Jessica Schonhut-Stasik currently living in Hawaii.

The event was sponsored by two amazing organizations. Kidskintha which is an organization in India that was founded by Devi and Vanderbilt's Frist Center of Autism and Innovation where Jessica is the Project  and Communications Coordinator

I had a very enjoyable session with Devi interviewing me for most of it and Jessica taking over to wrap up and close out the session. The focus of the discussion was how neurodiversity is really a superset of diversity. I believe that it is not the outward markers we so often look at in diversity that make the difference, but how the culture, experience, genetics, and all else that influences a group causes each group to perceive, process, and think about the world differently. So if the real difference in diversity is the unique perspectives of each group neurodiversity is the culmination of what diversity is about. We had 4,700 live views of my session!

Thank you to Devi and Jessica for letting participate and I look forward to joining for the 2024 version of INCLYOUSION.