Tim Goldstein Joins the CAI Neurodiverse Solutions Advisory Board

autism at work Jan 28, 2023

I had the honor of being asked to join CAI Neurodiverse Solutions' Advisory board.

CAI has put together a powerhouse advisory board. It includes members from all segments involved in neurodistinct employment. I look forward to working with these amazing board members and the great team at CAI.

CAI Neurodiverse Solutions is an end-to-end neurodiversity employment program that helps organizations realize the benefits of neurodiversity. Our successful employment model is designed to bring the untapped neurodiverse talent pool into the workforce and creates more career opportunities for a broader range of neurodivergent individuals. Our mission is to build innovative business solutions that deliver results while developing rewarding, long-lasting careers for the neurodiverse community and leading the way to an inclusive workforce environment.