Problems Between Your Non-Tech & Tech Staff?

Solve This Long Standing Challenge. Learn How to Recognizing the Neurodiverse Asperger's , ASD, Autistic Adults in Your Company. Understanding Them Will Change How you Communicate! You will be SHOCKED by reading this guide.

Unique TriplePoint Perspective

Viewpoint of an Aspie

Tim was diagnosed with Asperger's when he was 54. His diagnosis finally brought clarity to many of the successes and challenges in his professional and personal life. As a person with Asperger's Tim is blessed to have an amazing communication ability. While it is more common for someone with Asperger's to struggle in face to face realtime communication, Tim is not impacted by this frequent Aspie trait.

This strength in one on one or group communication allows Tim to explain to Neurotypicals the patterns of thoughts and decision processes he and many fellow Aspies use in daily life.

30 years working in Tech

The technical fields demand linear logical thinking combined with no box unique perspectives and solutions. Tim has been surrounded by Engineers and IT workers in his daily work. With his varied career Tim has observed how technical workers respond to a huge range of environments, culture, managment approached, and team organization systems.

From his perspective as an Aspie Tim has seen and experienced first hand how companies misunderstand the motivation and mindset which comes with the skill needed to be a successful technical worker.

Local to International

Rounding out Tim's 3rd strength is his deep understanding of all aspects of business. from an entry level position in the bicycle industry to creating a full international supply team and national sales team for a startup company. Tim combines his experience in conventional business with his experience as an entrepreneur.

This well rounded business understanding let's Tim recognize how current approaches are causing technical workers, with their neurodiverse thinking, to be separated from from the full engagement companies need from their valuable technical human capital. 

"Tim has found an insightful way to break down the communication barrier that exits between those that consider themselves geeks, and those that do not. In this technological age, we need Tim’s advice more than ever, to work together and create an even better world. "

Roger Love
Celebrity Vocal Coach & Bestselling Author of Set Your Voice Free

"A great read to truly understand how technical people think. A must have for anyone working in a technical environment."

Tony Garcia
Career Technical Recruiter and Agency Owner

"Great advice Tim! I will be using this as a guide for sure."

Cathy S.
Sr Developer

Why your company needs Tim's unique insight.

  • Reduce Tech Worker Turnover
  • Improve Cross Department Communication
  • Increase Technical Staff Productivity
  • Recognize and Support Neurodiversity
  • Reveal hidden talent in your current staff
  • Increase Technical Worker Engagement
  • Release the Innovation you Already Have

Engaging the Technical Worker Process

Hidden Culture, Learning the Language, Growing Greatness


Communication between the neurodiverse Asperger's tending technical teams and the non-technical business teams has always been a challenge. Learn why only a tiny part of your thoughts get through and why technical workers have a hard time explaining their alternate perspective.